On arrival please go to “de Hut” situated next to the large stone building, where you will be met by the camp staff who will help you check in and show you your campsite(s).

Arrival and departure
Camp staff are present during the week-end, in the spring and autumn holidays and during the main holiday season. If you arrive on a Friday you can check in from 8 p.m. and must check out again at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon at the latest.
During the main summer holidays you are welcome from 1 p.m. on the day of arrival until 12 noon on the day of departure.

During the daylight hours all paths and roads are accessible in the nature reserve. Dogs must be kept on a lead.
The terrain is not open to hikers between the hours of sunset and sunrise.
It is not permitted to dig on the terrain.

Motorised vehicles
Our terrain lies in the middle of a nature reserve and is not accessible to motorised vehicles. You can park your vehicle on the designated parking areas. Baggage and camping equipment can be transported on trolleys which are available at “de Hut”.
If given permission by the camp staff you may drive on the path in order to unload your equipment, under no circumstances is it allowed to drive onto the camping site(s).
It is not allowed to park lorries or large trailers on the campsite due to council regulations, also the placing of containers is not allowed.

Campfires are allowed until 12 midnight, only if camp staff are present and there is no fire restriction. Each campsite has a fire place, a large concrete slab, where a fire can be lit in an oil drum. These drums are available at “de Hut”. There are also a number of large campfire sites where a fire can be made on the ground. At each fire a bucket of water and a shovel must be at hand. The fire should not be higher than waist height. Altar fires and barbecues must be placed on the designated campfire place.

There is a container situated next to “de Hut”. In the high season there is also a container for paper and glass. Camp decorations, damaged tents, broken equipment and all other such items must be taken back with you.

There are several water points situated over the terrain and this water is suitable for drinking. However it is not allowed to wash up, brush teeth etcetera at these points.
The water from the hand pump is not suitable for drinking.

Between the hours of 23.00 and 7.00 the noise must be kept to a minimum.
Amplified music and loud-hailers are not permitted. Generators are forbidden.

Toilets and showers
Toilets and showers are to be cleaned by the camping guests. A roster will be drawn up amongst the camping guests to ensure that this is properly carried out.

On departure your campsite and immediate area should be cleaned. You must report at “de Hut”. A member of the camp staff will inspect your campsite.

The management can not be held responsible for any accident, theft or damage to property belonging to the camp guests during their stay at Scouting Camp Terrain St. Walrick.

Management Scouting Camp Terrain St. Walrick